Prepaid Cards

Don’t believe in carrying credit cards but want to take advantage of online shopping?

Take advantage of prepaid cards without the financial risks of a traditional credit card. While credit cards can cause you to increase your debt, prepaid cards help you control spending. At EZ Money, we offer prepaid cards that come with similar benefits of a credit card without the financial risks.

Why Use a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards have a number of built-in benefits. Aside from offering a great way to take advantage of online shopping, prepaid cards also offer:

  • It’s easy, convenient and safer than cash
  • Customers get paid 1-3 days earlier on Direct Deposits, as compared with traditional bank posting procedures. Subject to your provider’s payment process and timing
  • Savings account with 5% APY Interest 1

Take advantage of all the benefits that a prepaid card can offer. EZ Money is here to make the process of receiving your prepaid card simple. We offer safe, convenient financial services. Apply for your prepaid card today. 1 The Insight Savings Account ("Savings Account") is made available to Cardholders through Republic Bank of Chicago, Member FDIC. As of the date of publication, the Annual Percentage Yield ("APY") is 5.00%. This rate is subject to change at any time. The minimum balance to open the account is $10 and a maximum balance may apply. Cardholder fees could reduce the interest earned. Maximum of six (6) Savings Account withdrawals per calendar month. Please see the Insight Savings Account Addendum and Agreement for terms and conditions related to this Savings account.

Safe, Convenient Financial Services - Come In for Your Prepaid Card Today!